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CLIENT:  Harry Potter - Scholastic
AGENCY:  Optimistico

 With the book and movie series completed, and book sales down, Scholastic aimed to entice new potential Harry Potter readers with digital marketing. This trailer was put online and was designed to show some of the pivotal moments of the story and possibly excite viewers into seeing for themselves by reading the books from the beginning.

CLIENT:  Harry Potter - Scholastic
AGENCY:  Optimistico
Harry Potter as a brand and name has a strong fan base, but with the story's end, new readers needed new reasons to read the books. We approached the task by coming up with messaging focused on the key interests of you male and female readers. Research uncovered that boys were drawn to the excitement and adventure of the stories, where as young girls were drawn to the friendships and relationships conquering all within the story. With this information we created these print pieces to appeal to those specific young readers.  

CLIENT:  Harry Potter - Scholastic
AGENCY:  Optimistico
This was a collateral piece we did as one of the many parts of the Scholastic Harry Potter campaign. This magical and optically luring postcard was given out to kids at Scholastic Book Fairs and Book Clubs when they purchased any of the books in the Harry Potter series. 
The Linticular Postcards were a big success at these events. The "Magical Cards" were revered as something out of the realm of Harry Potter and drew some intrigue. Once they started circulating amongst the students, interest grew and ultimately helped increase the consumption of the books. 
The linticulars were also repurposed for additional marketing purposes, advertising a sweepstakes to win a chance to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida


CLIENT: Harry Potter - Scholastic
AGENCY: Optimistico

As part of the "Revitalize HP" campaign, we created this interactive point of sale kiosk for the Scholastic Store. The piece consisted of a replica of Hogwarts Castle with an illuminated Harry Potter logo, as well as an interactive screen where you could watch the animated trailer we made for the books as well as click through some games and quizzes about the books. The kiosk served as the hub for all books and merchandise in the Scholastic Store and was one of the first things as you walked through the doors.

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